Sofi is doing well with her move Spain to Maryland (we live just above Washington DC).  She has been here almost a year (we picked her up at Dulles Airport in Washington DC on March 25). Here are some highlights of the past year.

She fits right in with our two other dogs, Sam (the Golden Retriever) and Dobby (a 14 year old Brittany)

She takes walks through the cherry blossom petals with Sam (and tuckered out after the walk).

In May, Sofi went to Field Day at our daughter Lily’s Elementary School, where she was a big hit with the kindergartners.  In December, she participated in a Christmas parade that Lily’s dance school was taking part in (Sofi became their mascot and was a hit along the parade route).  She also visited Pittsburgh with us for a dance competition.

We have a fairly big backyard that she has enjoyed running around in (and occasionally barking at the neighborhood dogs).  Overall, she is doing well here (although she was not thrilled to find out that it can get cold and that sometimes it snows.)

We are happy to answer any questions about her and also to give further updates. All in all, she has adapted well to her new life and is very much a part of the family.

Jeff, Rose and Lily Buck, Maryland