In Memory of Socks 2001-2017

We adopted Socks in  2001 from ABR. The irony of Socks’ story is that I had grown up with Britts. My father was a hunter and we always had these great dogs in our lives. My partner had always had Labs.  When we decided to get a dog, we always said no matter what that it would have to be a rescue. I was always searching ABR as selfishly, I wanted a Britt. One day, there was Socks…a Brittany/Lab mix. It was kismet!  His coat was all brown except for his four feet and a patch on his chest.  A few months later we met Socks and his foster family in Rockford and took him home. We kept his given name as it was perfect for him and why change the name he knows? Each and everyday since picking him up, I feel that I was blessed with the best gift EVER.  

For us, it was love at first sight with Socks. From the beginning, he was definitely more Brittany than Lab. Man he could run like the wind and was super agile. In fact, weeks and even days before he died he would still run like all get out. He loved to swim, loved the boat, loved running, eating and begging. He was stubborn as a Brit- had his own agenda when it came to “Come”, loved people, was selective with who his dog friends were, did not like going to the vet and any sort of grooming such as nail clipping, brushing and teeth cleaning were always a battle.  He was the sweetest boy and a love bug. If only I could give him one more hug and kiss on the head…  

There is the saying “I know love, because I had a dog.”   We all know the truth in that. I now know the magnitude of that love because my heart is so broken without him.  For 16 years, he was my constant companion and love of my life.   As he got older, when I would leave the house to run an errand or would have to leave him for a few days to travel, he would look at me with that sad face as if asking, “where are you going? ”   We had a deal, Socks and I. I would say to him ” I always come back for you little man, and you have to tell me when its time.”  We both kept up our end of the deal. Thankfully, his passing was unexpected and happened super fast.  I had no decisions to make, he made it for me.  

The joy of having him for 16 years far out weighs the pain, at least I keep trying to convince myself of that. I miss him terribly, but know he is somewhere running like the wind and eating all the treats he can.

Thank you to ABR for the gift of Socks.