This Saturday our beloved Brittany Sarah whom we adopted from ABR in 2002 decided it was her time and after 17 years on this earth.  She hung on a whole year longer than I thought she would and was a true fighter till the end and was out roaming the yard till her last day on earth.  On Saturday October 28 she took her last lap around the yard came inside and decided to say goodbye.  I held her in my chair for about an hour and she decided to calmly just go to sleep.

She was truly a blessing and made coming home always exciting knowing she was waiting to get outside and smell all the world had to offer her.  This picture was when she was 14 and still able to get up on our picnic table to get a birds eye view of all the creatures that roamed into the yard.

When the time is right I will be on the lookout for another ABR rescue to live with our other Brittany who misses her terribly and out other 2 dogs.  Thank ABR for allowing me to share 16 wonderful years with this great girl.