It is hard to believe that it has been almost five years since Ryder came into our lives. He was very young when we rescued him. His first owner neglected him so he had little interaction with humans. It is a tribute to ABR who gave Ryder a second chance. They work so hard on behalf of the breed to educate prospective owners. While we were very familiar with the breed, they took the time to help us understand Ryder’s unique personality. Something you will never get with a puppy store “breeder”.

To say that Brittanys are smart and loving is an understatement. Ryder added so much to our life. He has endless energy, learns quickly and show us unlimited love. When we recently moved to a smaller house we were concerned because Ryder had a smaller yard to play in. We were not sure how he would adapt. Quite to the contrary he made new friends with our neighbors who walk their dogs by our house everyday to play with Ryder. Everyone knows him by name and love stopping by to see him. He continues to make us laugh at how he wins over the people he meets.

There are so many deserving Brittanys on this website that would make an awesome addition to your family. We are so happy we took that step to talk with ABR about adopting. It was a win win for Ryder and our family and it will be for yours.