Pluma Maria Manuela De Andalucia aka Pluma, plumi, baby girl, crazy girl, bad girl, Plum and so on came to us from Spain.

Pluma= Her given name

Maria = after me (Maria del Pilar)

Manuela = The name of the woman that got her at the school door.

Andalucia = The place where she was born

She is quite crazy.  The sweetest most cuddly fur baby.  She most likely was kicked or beat hard during the first part of her life, because she has a hip that  with certain movements hurts and she cries.  We are giving her supplements for her bones.  Doctor says there is nothing else we can do.

She is still suffers from separation anxiety.   When we go out she is crated.  Fortunately she loves her crate as she goes in sometimes when we are home.  We put Bailey’s bed near her crate and they love that.  The most important being in this world is her brother; she adores him but that doesn’t  stop her from taking everything from him.  Even his food if we are not around.

We are working on leash training.   Loves being outside and chasing after the ball a hundred times if you throw it at her.  Not a fan of other dogs trying to play with her ball.

She is loving and smart and we couldn’t image our lives without her.

Pilar and Peter Lunt, Virginia