Hello – It’s about time we shared our success story with you. What you’ve done for us is priceless!

We found handsome Petey on your site in the summer of 2008. I remember the night we picked him up at the airport here in Calgary. Poor Petey was understandably out-of-sorts, as he flew from Texas to Alberta that night. We brought him home and waited for his pink nose to come around.

Lorie Weaver told us a bit about his past…that he had been caged for long periods in a rural setting in Oklahoma, and scared of pretty much everything. So, welcome to the bustling city – where airplanes and light posts and mailboxes are scary! This dog needed some love and reassurance. We immediately signed up for some intensive dog training to boost Petey’s confidence and get him used to being with us. We’re lucky to have celebrity dog trainer Brad Pattison in our city and we all learned a lot. Petey really responded and his fears slowly but surely went away.

We take Petey everywhere. We’re quite active so he’s seen his share of mountain hikes, lake swims, beach visits, camping, snowshoeing and doggy playdates. Then things REALLY changed. We welcomed two wonderful children to our family! Petey was very accepting, gentle, and protective of his new packmates. Petey continues to be absolutely adored to this day. He just had his 11th Christmas with us and he loves searching his gifts under the tree and ripping them open.

Petey has started to show his age a bit – he’s now pretty deaf and likes his naps, but still runs like a puppy at the dog parks and keeps the squirrels in check in our yard.

Thank you so much in helping us find Petey. Please find attached a few fun moments we’ve had – and hoping for many more to come!

Brad & Kim Powell