Penny Lane


Thank you for letting us adopt Penny Lane. But I wanted to tell you a bit about why we did. Your organization cares about the dogs. Period. The dogs come first with everyone. Very simple.

I have had animals my entire life, dogs, cats, horses, cows, birds, goats…Love them. I’m purchased them and I’ve adopted or rescued. I quit using rescue and adoption organizations about 10 years ago, I got tired of egos there being more important than the health and well being of the animal. I was frustrated to say the least. I still took in animals privately but that was it. I placed some in great homes that they are still in or the animal has passed. We have kept a few ourselves. No regrets on any of them.

We have had our second Britt for a little over 4 years. Bought her before she was whelped. Great breeder of hunting and family dogs. She is the light of our life. We travel a lot to horse shows and she goes with us. Dauntless has 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces to her travel credits already. She hunts, she plays with our cat, she cuddles in the evening with my husband in his chair and she sleeps with me every night under the covers. Perfection.

One evening in early August Cheri Wilson posted a happy birthday photo of Penny Lane and a short story. I didn’t want or need another dog but I was captivated by her smile. I messaged Cheri and she told me the story. Sigh. I asked a few questions, she responded. Medical history, medications, temperament, exercise level…Cheri answered every question. I told her I would sleep on it and get back to her the next day if my husband was interested. I didn’t sleep much. When Greg got up I told him I was going to show him something but if he had any reservations AT ALL to say so and I would drop it. Told him Penny Lane’s story, history, medical needs…and her photo. He turned and said “let’s do this”. Am I not married to the greatest guy ever? So I contacted Cheri and she told me how to start the process. Every contact along the way with ABR was awesome. Paula, Sarah, Diane and Cheri. Everyone put Penny Lane before anything else. There was no agenda. NONE. Your organization has made me believe there is still good out there to be had with rescues. Your group has nailed it! We love Penny Lane. Hope to do a little hunting with her this fall, our vet believes she can but has told us how to monitor her exercise level. She has already gone to a horse show with us and did very well. A little anxious when we left her in the RV the first day but by the second she was well adapted. She has gone to the lake and the beach demonstrating her swimming ability that Cheri told us about. She plays with her fox and blanket every morning, just like Cheri said also. It is perfection squared. Thank you ABR for trusting us with this great senior girl.

Julie Poor