Because everyone deserves a birthday… 

One year ago today, Mina arrived in Boston after a long flight from Serbia. We drove her to New York that night with the intention of fostering her. At 2 years old, we figured she would be adopted quickly and our happy/sad hearts could feel good about our first fostering gig. But her first vet visit came with the bad news that Mina was heartworm positive. I cried. In those few short days, Mina was already wiggling her way into my heart. Terrified but without any debate, we agreed to foster Mina through her treatment. Mina was a champ, kicked the Heartworm, and of course we adopted her this past summer. We don’t know much about her history as she was found as a stray in Serbia, but we do know that a year ago today upon landing in Boston, thanks to #ABR, Mina started a new chapter– a meal never missed, regular vet visits, days filled with snuggles and kindness and so much love, a whole box of toys to choose from, a safe yard to run in, a human brother and a fur brother and two parents who adore her to pieces. 

So, in honor of the first day of Mina’s new chapter, we have declared today Mina’s birthday. We will spoil her (as usual), grateful for all the gifts she has brought to our family and everything we’ve learned from her– she is resilient, confident, carefree and has the happiest spirit for whatever she has been through! She makes us laugh every day. Best of all, she has brought our other ABR Brittany Henry out of his shell and taught him how to be playful and brave. There is so much to celebrate today.

— The DiLello Family, November 14, 2018