Mika has been enjoying her life in Seattle with her fur sister Nola.  They love each other so much and bonded very quickly, spending much of their day chasing each other around their back yard, wrestling in the house and playing tug of war with their favorite toys.  .  She loves to run!  Mika is still working on not counter surfing and not destroying shoes when her family is at work, and Christmas presents were a particularly tough treat to ignore.  Since we adopted her in June, we she has gotten to go to Colorado where she loved running the mountain trails and getting dirty, hiking near Snoqualmie pass where she ran forever in the snow (she looooooves the snow – our white Christmas in Seattle made her life complete), meeting her niece and nephews, and lots of off leash romps at our local beach where her and Nola see who can collect the most sand – Mika usually wins.  We celebrated her first birthday in November with puppy ice cream and reminiscing about her time on the streets of Greece (she prefers snuggling her humans in their big bed). She has been an energetic and awesome addition to our house.