We adopted Max in August of this year.  (We also have an 11 year old pomeranian, Bruno).  He’s now living in San Lorenzo, CA.  We’re about 20 miles south of San Francisco.  We walk him a lot along the shoreline of the Bay.  He sure enjoys his walks!! His nose is always working and searching for squirrels.   We/I walk him about 2-3 miles a day and it’s really hard to wear this dog out.  He just loves being outside, as so do we.  He’s been a great walking companion.   

In the house, he’s a complete gentleman.  He waits patiently for his meals, although he often helps himself to whatever is laying on the counter when you leave the kitchen!  He likes his toys and tug of war. He even has old Bruno playing tug of war with him.  He always lets Bruno win!  He even caught a mouse in the house, however, I think he’s the one that brought it in.  

My husband belongs to a pheasant hunting club, so there may be some hunting training in the next month or so for Max.  He surely has the drive and nose for it.  I’ll let ya know how that goes.   

Thanks ABR International for bringing this fun and lovable dog home!  You’re doing incredible work!!!   

Woof, Stephanie, Steve and Jared