Maia came to the US from Greece in April 2017 and according to her new family, she is a perfect addition. Maia is full of energy and love. She loves to cuddle with her Mom on the couch and even on the bed when her Mom sleeps during the day after a night shift.  She also loves playing with the kids, who are six and eight years old.  The kids can be a bit physical and love getting close to Maia but she has never growled and is very patient and caring.  Maia’s new family has another rescue dog, Freckles, an eight-pound terrier/chihuahua mix who is about eight years old.  Maia and Freckles get along very well. Maia has a lot of energy and loves running in her spacious backyard.  She is very conscious of the pool and does not go in although her family has taught her where the steps are just in case.  Maia loves to play with a puppy who moved in next door, an 8-month-old Boxer named Tully.  Maia is the perfect playmate for Tully.  Freckles is a bit old and grumpy to engage in play, but he and Maia are pals!  Maia loves to eat the ice out of the water bowl, which is added on hot summer days.  Maia also loves shoes!  If the family is not careful where they leave their shoes, they become Maia’s play toys and she manages to pull the sole out!  She has chew toys which she loves to chew and cattle femur bones to chew on also.  Maia is very friendly to all she meets.  When she goes outside in the front of the house (with supervision) she roams the front yard which is in a cul-de-sac.  Maia shows off her athletic ability by chasing the neighbor birds through neighboring yards.  She is very fast!  Maia seems to really enjoy her new home and her family says, “we are lucky to have her”.