Horus from spain, now named Luigi has been with us 6 months on Thanksgiving!  He’s a devoted, energetic Velcro-buddy.  We visit a WV DNR Nature Area called Forks of Coal (Little & Big Coal Rivers).   When he’s off lead, he dives in and out of tall meadow grass like a porpoise.  He’s naturally high energy, but he’s so gentle & anxious to please at home.  Leash walks are vastly improved, but there’s still some work to do on that front.  Squirrel’s are a major distraction.  For our family, he’s a touchdown.  AND, he’s a big fan of WVU football! I send a picture to prove it. 

Luigi is about to graduate from Doggie College with his obedience diploma. Sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, whoa, here, place and heel in two weeks!  We’ve adopted the Brittany version of Nokola Tesia!

J K and Patricia