Lea has stolen our hearts (and bed!) in a spectacular way. She’s a petit powerhouse that everyone comments on when we’re at the park, wanting to know her breed and love to hear she ‘only speaks Spanish’! She is a tail wagging ambassador when not occupied with squirrels or birds.

Next week will mark 3 months with us. Though we’ve worked on training and manners here at home, we haven’t yet signed up for Dog 101, wanting her to acclimate with us and her dog brother. They are both rescues and have decided they like each other, especially when running together on our 2 acres of fenced greenery. Our lives have been enriched beyond belief!

She is our first ever Brittany so we are learning more every day about the breed. Her personality and intense instincts leave never a dull moment. I can’t imagine life without her!!

Cheryl and Ian,Oregon