Lady Rose

Hello American Brittany Rescue

My name is Lady Rose, I am a 12 year old French Brittany and I would like to share my story. My former owner was no longer able to take care of me due to health reasons. It was at this time I came to the American Brittany Rescue folks and this is where my final journey started. 

I went to my new foster home and they took great care of me, not an easy task as I am blind and deaf-a challenge for some folks, but not them, they provided a wonderful home for me. The day came when some folks in Minnesota heard about me and decided to make application.

They had a Brittany named Hope that passed away in 2009 at the age of 14. With the help of my foster parents, I was transported to Ames, IA where I was met by a woman who delivered me to my new home on March 25, 2017. It only took me two days to be able to navigate my way around both inside and out. 

My new dad took moms pillows off the couch to protect me from the coffee table corners, and that is where they remain bungee corded to this day, mom doesn’t mind.

We go for a mile walk every night when they get home, cause mom says I put on too much weight after my spay, I love to eat! We track our walks through an app on moms phone-Walk for a Dog. They donate to the humane society my mom works at for the times we walk. I have lots of foster kitties she brings home, but I just ignore them. 

My dad has two rescue exotic birds named Keyta and Tinker, they have their own room right next to mine and they’re my buddies-kind of ironic given I’m a bird dog! My mom and dad also do babysitting for other peoples dogs, so I have lot’s of friends that come visit. I’ve had several spa days with the groomer that I am starting to enjoy very much, she’s even painted my nails. I live right by a zoo in town, and I have met two Zebras that love to run with. I may not see them but I sure do smell them, and they come running when they see me. 

My most fun thing to do is to go swimming in the Mississippi River, it makes my joints feel good, and mom says it helps with my weight. I know my mom and dad love me very much because they don’t go anywhere very often without me, and boy do I love a car ride-I use to get a Pup Cup now and then but mom put a stop to that after I put on a bit of weight. 

I have a harness identifying me as blind and deaf dog that makes me feel secure. So Brittany rescue thank you so much for helping me find this wonderful place and I love my mom and dad. I just wish they would lay off all the constant hugs, petting, and kissing-NOT.

Thank you American Brittany Rescue

Lady Rose 

Note from parents: Thank you and God Bless you all for everything you do for every animal that comes in to your care. Lady Rose has brought such joy to our lives, as well as that Brittany attitude we missed so much, we feel like she’s been with us our whole lives. She had us wrapped around her little paw the first day!