I adopted Gracie through ABR Rescue in June 2009. Gracie was an amazing girl.  Gracie crossed Rainbow Bridge on October 6, 2018.   I missed her terribly and immediately started looking at the ABR website for a new Brittany.  Within a week, a new Brittany was posted, Diana, from Spain!  I called her foster mom and as soon as I heard about her, I thought – she sounds like the one!  Her foster mom drove Diana to my home on Sunday October 14th.  Diana, now Katie, hopped out of the SUV, pranced right into my home – and right into my heart.

I enrolled her in Beginner Classes at PetSmart.  Katie was not just the star of the class, she was the star of the store.  Every time we went, people would stop and comment on how beautiful she is.  Her coloring is striking.  She stood or sat quietly while people stopped to pat her and ask about her.  She gets along well with adults and children alike.  I shared her adoption story with many interested shoppers.  They could not believe such a beautiful dog was adopted through rescue.  Among the pictures I am sending is a picture of her on Graduation Day.

Also at PetSmart, her got to see Santa and sat on his lap!  Yes, she was a very good girl!

Unless it is too terribly cold or raining, Katie goes to the local park every day for an hour long walk/run.  There are so many squirrels and birds at the park and she thinks she needs to chance all of them!

Katie loves to race around the backyard too.  She patrols for the occasional rabbit or squirrel, and  spends time to sitting and staring at birds in the trees.  I am pretty sure she has hunted and I suspect she was a very good hunter.  And no , she has not caught anything – not yet anyway.

Katie loves treats.  She sits and holds out her paw as soon as the cabinet with her treats is opened.  She knows where the good stuff is kept!  She has a wonderful appetite.  Foods with poultry caused an allergic reaction so her Vet changed her protein source and she is doing much better with beef and fish as the primary protein.  During meals she pretty much lies under the table, but when she detects something she would like, she comes over and pushes her nose against my leg.  Who can resist Brittany eyes – so she gets to lick my plate.

Katie likes to crawl behind furniture and seems perfectly comfortable stretched out in her hiding places.  She is very athletic and able to sit and lie in all sorts of positions.  She can  twist her legs like a pretzel!  She prefers her back when next to me on the sofa so she can get her favorite belly rub.

She is very good for a bath.  As I reach to wash each leg and paw she holds the leg high!  She allows me to clean her ears and teeth.  She is not crazy about being brushes, but tolerates it.

Just about every day is a new adventure for Katie.  One day while I was emptying the groceries from the trunk of my car, she came into the garage, sized up the trunk, and jumped in!  She curled up on the empty cloth grocery bags!

She loves the car and is always ready to go for a ride.  She sits in the back seat  alert to everything we pass.

After a long day, she is ready for bed.  She sleeps in my bed, snuggled close, and sleeps through the night.  The minute I get up, she is ready to start a new adventure.

I cannot imagine how anyone could ever have let Katie go.  But I am ever so glad ABR rescued her and brought her to the USA so she could come to her forever home!

Thanks for all you do for ABR!

Ellen and Katie, New Jersey