11.5 years ago I was saddened to have to have my first Brittany put down due to health issues.  Friends encouraged me to find a new girl to take her place-even searching the ABR website for available dogs in our area.  Through some searching, I was connected with a woman in Albequerque who had a female Brittany of about 2 years that was looking for a forever home.

Kae-la became a part of the family in July 2005.  She was an energetic and loving girl–she loved her snuggle time with anyone who would provide snuggles!  She also loved “the hunt!”  It was not uncommon to find a starling, squirrel, raccoon, or woodchuck presented as a token of appreciation.  I’m still convinced the squirrels in my neighborhood have her face on a wanted poster!  Sadly, at 13.5 years and after 11.5 years of providing love and smiles to our home, she has walked across the Rainbow Bridge.  I so appreciate the love that ABR brought to our lives!

Thank you for all you do for such an amazing breed.

Ken Schofield