We have had JJ for about 3 months and things just keep getting better and better. The other day, we were walking around the local middle school and our walk happened to coincide with school getting out. We met lots of kids trudging along home, with their heavy backpacks.

JJ loves people and wants to greet everyone. Our other Britt, Gage, (also adopted from ABR), is happy to be petted but is not so forward. JJ wiggled with delight as we approached kids. I explained he loves people and asked if he could come get petted. The kids all said yes, and I let JJ go up to them. JJ doesn’t jump up on people, but literally bounces up to them, wagging his body (he doesn’t have a tail), smiling and “talking” (he does this grumble sound), clearly being so glad to see them. The kids invariably broke into big smiles and petted him, and then Gage went up to get in on the attention. We said, “Thank you” for the petting and went on, repeating the process with the next kid…

Brittanies spreading happiness