Wilbert, now Hudson, came from the Santorini Animal Welfare Association in Greece with his sister Wanda (now Lexi) in April 2017.  His family sent us this update, “In our time with Hudson AKA Huddy, he has matured both physically and mentally. When we first got him, he was skittish around most people but now he gets excited to see those who he knows well. While he still is wary of new people, he warms up to them quickly. He loves to play around with his many toys (especially ones that squeak) and he is always up to go for a jog.  He has grown noticeably and, based on our own measurements, he has gained approximately 15 lbs. since we got him.  He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had.

I want to thank you so much for rescuing him. He is so wonderful, and I am as attached to him as he is to me.