Oh my goodness. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He is such a goofball, loves to put both paws on either side of your face and lick you up your nose. Such a lover!! He and our original ABR adoptee, Ruby have grown very bonded and have a typical brother sister relationship. Our dog trainer has told us that Gus is extremely smart and quick to take to lessons, though he is also very energetic and ruled by his nose. He gets very excited when we see other dogs while walking, not aggressive, just wants to play, so we did a Reactive Rover class with Pasadena Humane Society which he passed with flying colors, and now we work one on one with a trainer helping us to focus them. We’ve gone on road trips with them, Big Bear, Joshua Tree, and we take them hiking in the Angeles Forest quite a bit which they love. He also loves to come to work with his dad, who owns a record store, and Gus greets everyone with a smile and a sniff, and often comes home at the end of the day smelling like perfume from having snuggled with the lady shoppers. Not one single moments regret with him!

Jennifer Black and family, Los Angeles