Alain from Spain is now Eddie! He is a wonderful little boy and he has been the King of his Castle since day one. We love him to pieces, he has graduated from Obedience School and has received his Good Canine Citizen Certificate from the American Kennel Club as he was the 1st in his class.

With all of his energy  and intelligence he has been going to school 2 days per week for Agility Training he is now in the intermediate level and is exceeding his trainers expectations. He is wonderful in the arena, and so alert and enjoys learning new things. We are hoping to place him in competitions only if he wants to do that but it looks very promising.

He is just wonderful with people and all other dogs, he has such a great time at the dog park but still loves to chase the squirrels and chipmunks in  his backyard. He is quite the gardener as well if my husband and I are outside working in the flower beds he is right next to us giving suggestions as to color choices and placement of plants.

Eddie is a loving, happy little dog all of 26 pounds of muscle, he cooks with me in the kitchen every night. He loves to eat vegetables and fruit, tomato’s, lettuces, olives, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe & watermelon, he is just amazing I am over the moon with my little blessing from GOD.

I cannot thank you enough for what American Brittany Rescue has done for my small little family here in Marietta Georgia, USA. God bless all of you for your hard work and dedication to your mission of rescuing these wonderful fur baby’s.

The Krowns, Georgia