Tugboat - 20032353

Location: Venice, Florida
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: March 16, 2014 - Actual
Age: 9 Year, 8 Month

  • House Broken
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Hi! My name is Tugboat aka Tug. I have been enjoying my foster family and my foster fur siblings, but I am ready to find my forever family. I love to spend time outside chasing lizards and being on squirrel patrol. I also enjoy snuggling and watching TV with my foster mom.the more pillows the better! I am in very good health and enjoy walks and running around the yard. I have a thyroid condition and with daily medication, exercise and proper feeding, I am doing very well managing my condition. During the day, I sleep well in my crate when no one is home and at night I enjoy sleeping on a dog bed next to foster mom’s side of the bed. I have even spent the night on the big human bed. I am a good sleeper and will sleep through the night, my fur siblings like to get up early, but I would prefer to sleep till 9 am! I am doing well learning my commands: sit, stay, come, and kennel. I know how to sit for my meals and medication! But my previous owners may have given me a bit too much freedom and I have been scolded for smelling the counters and jumping on the couch without permission. I am also learning not to bolt out the door and instead sit and stay before I go for walks. I am doing well on the leash and don’t pull. I have even been hiking! I loved all the new smells and I wasn’t bothered by the other hikers and bikers. I like to go on car rides but at times I get a little too excited, so I need to be restrained either in a crate or to the seat belt. I’m a big strong boy at 50 pounds and cute as can be. History: Tug was surrendered by his owners to a local veterinarian’s office due to an emergency bowel surgery. He had swallowed a bouncy ball and needed the toy removed from his tummy! Tug has recovered very well from surgery, lost some weight and is doing great. Tug’s hypothyroidism is under control, but he will have to continue daily medication and have routine bloodwork rechecked every six months. Tug is a very easy going Brittany and has had no trouble getting along with our three Labrador retrievers. He loves to greet strangers and does not seem to mind loud noises even sleeping through thunderstorms. He follows me around while vacuuming and also comes into the bathroom when a hair dryer is in use. Tug does not show any issues with food, he will sit and wait for his bowl and you can easily move Tug’s food bowl while he is eating. If treats fall on the floor with other dogs he doesn’t mind. Tugboat is a fun and easygoing Britt who will make a wonderful addition to a loving family. If you’re interested in a big sweetheart, submit the online adoption application and mention Tugboat-10059 in Florida.