Tiny Mite - 20032286

Location: Payette, Idaho
Spayed Female
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: February 2, 2017 - Actual
Age: 6 Year, 9 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Hello hello hello! My name is Tiny Mite, and I am just bursting with playful puppy energy! I get so excited and love to wiggle my whole body and my little Brittany nubbin. I’m here because I am looking for my soul mate. I don’t need tall dark and handsome (unless you are, and I’d be okay with that). Let me tell you about the boxes on my list, and let’s see how many you can check off. I need someone who will love me deeply. Someone who has patience for my imperfections, and wants to help me become a better dog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great little girl! I just have a history that isn’t typical of some of the other dogs on this ‘matching’ website. Seems like everyone these days meets ‘online.’ Let me tell you about my past and how I ended up on this soul-mate search. My old owners LOVED me. They loved Britt’s (duh, who doesn’t?) so very much that they had a few litters over the years and I was so adorable they couldn’t part with me. They also couldn’t live without my older sister Heart, and ended up with four dogs. Apparently, some silly people made laws that say you can only have two dogs where we live, and my owners had no choice but to surrender my sister and me. We were heartbroken. We lived our whole lives in our house with a yard, and our Mom and Dad. They didn’t have many visitors so new people are a little scary at first. New places are pretty stressful too. It’s not easy to walk FOUR Britts, so to get our excercise we’d hang out with each other in our yard. I’m learning about this whole leash idea, and it’s not so bad. I think my future will hold many enjoyable strolls with my love. Are you that magical person that can patiently guide me and accept me for who I am? Give me the training and confidence I need? I will repay you tenfold in the purest, deepest love once I get past my emotional baggage and settle into my new home. If you checked off those boxes, please fill out the online adoption application let my foster Dad know! He needs to approve my love interests.Maybe yours,Tiny Mite Tiny Mite probably would not be well suited in a home with small children. She has a bit of overgrown puppy tendencies like jumping up and playfully mouthing that need to be corrected. She also is used to more confined spaces and a slow pace of home life. Outings are new people are very stressful for her, but I think she could have a good chance at growing out of this if her new owner(s) are willing to put in the training effort, as she’s only two. Tiny was surrendered to ABR by her owner.