Tesoro - 20032052

Location: Rockville, Maryland
Neutered Male
Color: Orange Roan
Birthdate: January 10, 2016 - Actual
Age: 7 Year, 10 Month

  • House Broken
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: DOG STORY Looking for the perfect companion? Want someone to stay by your side, keep you company, and never leave you? Then I’m your man .uh, I mean your dog. My foster parents call me glue dog because I spend my staying time right beside them. I’m an extremely adorable gentle, calm and very lovable sidekick who loves nothing more than to be with my humans – whether it’s sitting around watching TV, going for our walks or best of all playing fetch. I love prancing with my toys in my mouth showing them off trying to entice someone to play – although I admit once in a while, I grab a shoe guessing it’s a toy. Good thing I just carry things but don’t chew ‘em. My name is Tesoro which means Treasure in Spanish. Why Spanish? Well I’m glad you asked. ABR found me in Madrid and flew me all the way to Washington DC. It was a very long flight, glad that my fosters lived close by. My fosters brought me home, gave me a warm bath and some excellent food, then taught me what to do (and what not to do) inside the house. They even taught me to use the dog door. And never an accident in the house for me! I don’t get on the furniture even when the spoiled little dog does. I even know to politely drop the ball at your feet to playing fetch – I absolutely love fetch! Foster parents always tell people just I’m Easy Peasy, but I’m really just a Tesoro . Foster mom says I’m a bit of a clown, silly, fun and very entertaining. She even told ABR that I’m the most lovable foster Britt she’s ever had. Foster dad jokes that I look like a white Brittany that splashed in a mud puddle. Both say my face is so cute and expressive! I’m an attractive red roan boy with a white/red ticked body, an extremely adorable face and dark red paws rising to freckled splashed white legs. Most who meet me comment that I’m an adorable dude with a fabulous personality to match! What more could anyone want in a best friend? Foster Mom writes: Tesoro is a truly delightful dog! A lovable boy who’s loads of fun. He’s a quick learner, best of all he’s a true companion. He’s does the silliest little jiggle and shake dance to greet us – we can’t help but smile and laugh out loud. Occasionally he gets excited and jumps up, so I caution against having him in a home with a very young child. Tesoro is exceptionally loving and does not do well all alone, so we would want a companion for him. He has a foster brother here and they wrestle and run together and Tesoro does not challenge our little bossy boy. He is a good watch dog, but is not a guard dog (all bark, no bite). He is friendly with other dogs and all people. He would do great in a house with children over 6. He’s young and still has a good bit of puppy energy yet none of the puppy destructiveness! We have never crated him at any time and he has never caused any mischief, although he will occasionally redecorate with our sofa pillows, and we have another dog with him so he’s never by himself. I believe he would be anxious all alone. Tesoro seems to recognize and appreciate his second chance. Tesoro is his shelter name and we are careful not to call him by any name so his permanent family can choose his real name (although I’m partial to Splash when you see him you’ll understand). He needs basic training such as sit, lay, stay, heel, etc. and he’ll learn fast as he’s always eager to please and very food motivated. Truly, one of the best natured dogs I’ve ever known History: Tesoro is a rescue Brittany from Spain.