Sunny - 20031754

Location: Houston, Texas
Color: Orange Roan
Birthdate: November 12, 2015 - Actual
Age: 8 Year, 0 Month

  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: There’s a dark and troubled side of life, There’s a bright and a sunny side too. Tho’ we meet with the darkness and strife, The sunny side we also may view. Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, Keep on the sunny side of life. Hi there, my name’s Sunny. Well, it used to be Sonny, but the ABR people were given the wrong spelling at first, and we decided the new one fit my life. You see, things haven’t always been so sunny for me. At my first home, I got hit by a tractor and broke my leg when I was just 8 months old. The guy there was just going to shoot me instead of fixing me, but a nice lady intervened and took me into her house. I stayed there a couple of months until, well, you know what Brittanys do when they are alone and bored. I jumped over her really tall fence and decided to take a little run. Well, I was gone for a week and when they found me, my same leg was broken again when I was hit by a car. The lady took me back to the vet, but they decided I needed a new home and ABR was called. My ABR foster mom took me to the experts at the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital (Gooooooo Dawgs! Woof! Woof! Woof!) And do you know what those experts at UGA discovered while I was there? Yeah, I was a little hungry when I was out on my own, so I ate part of a glass bottle – bottle cap and all. They were able to get all of that metal and glass out through an endoscope – did I mention they are really great at that hospital? So you can see, I’ve had quite some adventures in my short life and my doggy guardian angel has been working overtime for me. But, I’m just a happy boy and nothing much bothers me – I just keep looking on the sunny side! If you might be able to be my Brittany Buddy and help with any donations towards my vet care, I would surely appreciate any rescue angels! Note from Foster Mom: Sunny’s left rear leg was broken pretty badly. The lower leg bones were also dislocated, at some point coming out of the skin externally, and causing severe infection in the leg. The orthopedic veterinary specialists at UGA determined Sunny was not a candidate for surgery due to the infection. His leg was successfully splinted and casted and the infected wounds cleaned out. Sunny is on strict crate rest for at least a month to allow the bones to heal and get stronger, and being treated with antibiotics to clear the infection. The doctors think Sunny is young and healthy enough that his leg bone will heal and grow back together well; it might not be a perfect leg, but he should recover nicely as long as we get rid of that infection. Because of this, Sunny will have an extended recovery time before he is ready to adopt. Sunny would love to have some Brittany Buddy friends to donate towards his ongoing medical care as he gets back to good health. Update 3-1-17 Sunny is doing great! He is the silliest, most personable boy. He was medically cleared to run and play on January 30th. The doctors say his leg will continue to grow and strengthen over the next few months. It doesn’t slow him down or bother him at all. Sunny is ready finally to find his furever home. Please note before you apply some things we have identified he needs in a new home: Another dog at home (He gets very anxious when our our Brittany isn’t nearby. He adores and follows her everywhere.) Preferably also a tall fence. He actually has not tested our 4 foot fence at all, but a 6 foot fence would be ideal. If you have questions, please email