Stanley - 20030976

Location: Redding, California
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: December 7, 2010 - Actual
Age: 12 Year, 11 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Stanley is a very sweet, well-mannered 2 year old Brittany with a long tail. This handsome and gentle boy is truly special and has touched the hearts of everyone he meets. Stanley may not have had the easiest time in his short life, but his world changed for the better on Thanksgiving Day and so has Stanley! After being thrown over a fence at a dog spa facility, this adorable youngster made his way into the caring hands of his ABR foster home to get the TLC and vet treatment he needed. Stanley has quite a story to tell but doesn’t let the past get him down. He has the spirit of a champion and knows his perfect home is out there waiting to find him too! View more photos and video of Stanley: In just a few short weeks Stanley has already blossomed into a loyal family member and is so happy to be a beloved pet! He likes to investigate things in the yard and loves going for walks, but also likes to cuddle and get all the attention he can. My 3 year old niece calls him her dog because he likes to follow her everywhere. He is great and gentle with kids. He is polite with the 6 cats and even snuggles with the kitties, and doesn’t chase the miniature goats either, actually taking the baby goats under his wing wanting to play and nuzzle them! Stanley gets along with other dogs and is quite mellow, always happy to be with his human family. He is wary of men at first but warms up once he gets to know them. Given that he was sadly discarded Stanley becomes anxious when apart from his people. We are working on his separation anxiety with gentle, positive training and building his confidence and he has made great strides already in the short time he’s been in foster care. Stanley will do best in a loving home with someone who will be home with him most of the time. Stanley arrived in foster care with a slight limp in his front leg which was examined with our veterinarian. X-rays showed that Stanley has degenerative joint disease and elbow dysplasia in his right front elbow, causing him to have a limp and some soreness with strenuous exercise. Both his shoulders and left leg are perfect and Stanley gets around just fine, excited to prance around the acreage at his foster home and wiggle happily through the house. He needs regular exercise with daily walks and loves frolicking around outdoors, but won’t be a candidate for hunting, jogging or other very strenuous activities that might overly strain his elbow joint. Stanley is very good about doing as much as he likes and resting when he wants to, making him the perfect buddy for leisurely strolls and romps in the backyard! Stanley is on medication for his elbow which is working wonderfully. He takes Previcox (anti-inflammatory) and Dasuquin (joint supplement) once a day which together cost about $55 a month. Stanley may need surgery sometime in the future to amputate the right leg due to osteoarthritis but right now he’s doing just great. Stanley is a healthy, strong young lad and the vet’s recommendation of minimal medication, healthy food and exercise keep him in good shape and ready to live life to the fullest. This truly special boy is a shining example of that indomitable Brittany spirit – no matter what life brings, Stanley is happy in the present, gratefully delighting in everything you give him. Stanley will be a joyous gift to a family ready to give him lots of love and attention and will return it many times over! Stanley has wormed his way into everyone’s hearts and will do the same with his lucky forever family. If you are interested in welcoming a devoted companion and giving Stanley the home of his dreams, please fill out the adoption application online and mention Stanley-4101, and contact his foster mom to talk more about him! History Stanley was tossed over a fence at a dog spa facility in Oregon on Thanksgiving Day. The kind owners took Stanley in and contacted ABR to bring him into rescue and find the forever home he deserves