Scout - 20032213

Location: Lacey, Washington
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: January 25, 2018 - Actual
Age: 5 Year, 10 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Meet Scout! This is one Rambunctious high energy Brittany!! He makes the energizer bunny blush as he can out last him! You can tell that Scout was bred for work. He is up early in the morning and will go till the sun goes down. Here at our house, Scout lived with 7 other dogs and enjoyed tracking the birds on our acreage and even learned how to track squirrels. Having Scout here for the last few months has given us insight to what he needs. #1 he NEEDS another dog or two. Scout plays and will play with our 2 yr old and 8 month old constantly if given the chance. #2 Scout NEEDS a gentle hand but a firm voice. Scout is a 6 month old trapped in a 1 yr old body. He tries hard to please, but at times, just doesn’t get it right. Scout is quick to learn and even quicker to ask for forgiveness. #3. Scout NEEDS love, LOTS AND LOTS of love. He CRAVES attention and soaks it up like a sponge. He never seems to get enough. #4 Scout NEEDS a JOB! He was bred to work and work and work. As stated above, he is up in the morning and will go all day. He has had some hunting, but needs more work to refine his skills. He would be excellent in Agility or in the field, anything that would capitalize on those long legs and energy level. Now there is a couple of not so awesome things about Scout. #1.he HATES to be crated. He actually does very well being left un-crated, but if you must during the day, he needs a bone or something to bide his time. At night, he will sleep on a dog bed or yours if you let him. The other item is because Scout was an only dog in his home, whenever he is with other dogs, he tries to see if maybe, just maybe, he can control them. In our home, that’s a no no and he knows it and therefore lives in harmony with all our dogs, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try it in another home. It’s just Scout trying to find his place in the pack. He tries a couple of times and then he is their BFF. If you feel you have the stamina and energy level for a dog of this caliber, then please fill out the online adoption application and mention his name and ID#. UPDATE: Scout was adopted to a wonderful family in Canada, but his energy level proved too much for the wife who was home during the day with him and though he was everything the husband wanted in a Brittany, he needed to come back into our rescue. Scout came to us from a retired couple in KS who had his Grandparents when they were breeders. Though they loved Scout, he was WAY more energy then they had anticipated. He is extremely strong and tall and they could not handle him without getting hurt themselves. So their daughter suggested they reach out to us .