Roxy - 20032229

Location: Conesus, New York
Spayed Female
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: March 24, 2017 - Actual
Age: 6 Year, 8 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Roxy is curious, generally quiet and likes to explore. Roxy startles when unsure, so she will run into an area she is comfortable in. Once she regroups her courage, she will again come explore and see where we are. Roxy has gained leash skills on a daily walk with the pack. Use of a Martingale style collar and double leashing is highly recommended for walking as she is still a flight risk. She rides very well in the car and has done well visiting pet friendly stores. Roxy gets along with the other dogs in the house and visiting dogs. She has become familiar with a few people who visit the house frequently and may bark briefly when they arrive. Roxy will now approach people to sniff them and may allow strangers to pet her. She is slowly learning that being touched by people will not cause her to be hurt. No food aggression has been observed and she does not gulp her food. At night Roxy sleeps in her crate, with a cover on part of it so she can feel safe. During the day she is free to explore the house, with supervision. She has not really played with toys yet but has begun to take treats and eat them. Roxy goes in and out the door to the yard and comes to her name when outside. Keeping a leash on her in the house and in the yard helps her slow down and allows us to help her move about more easily. No digging or fence climbing has been observed yet. When she goes into the much bigger fenced yard, we have been keeping her on a long line for safety and to help with her training. Trust needs to be established through consistency, clear expectations and slow gestures. Remember that she is a mill dog survivor and all interaction must be slow and thought out, so the outcome is positive. Roxy needs a home with a physically fenced yard and would benefit from having a home that has Brittany experience. If you are interested in Roxy and would like to be her forever home be sure to fill out the adoption application Roxy is 1 of 38 dogs that were taken from an emergency seizure of a puppy mill in NY. Of the 38 dogs ABR took in 5 Brittanys.Roxy is heartworm negative, up to date on her vaccines and is spayed.