Rosie - 20031335

Location: Oxford, North Carolina
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: April 13, 2012 - Actual
Age: 11 Year, 7 Month

  • House Broken
  • OK with Dogs


Dog Story: Rosie’s foster mom here: Rosie is a real sweetheart and I’m amazed at how far she has come in the eleven weeks since she arrived. She is now more alert, enthusiastic and such a happy dog. Her butt button wiggles almost all the time, she sniffs, smells, and gives quick little kisses on the inside of my elbow and wrist that tickle. She wakes up happy, ready to take on the day. Rolling on her back and cleaning her face she will steal your heart. When she discovered the fireplace one afternoon, she stood on her hind legs and looked up the chimney! I don’t know if she was looking for Santa Claus. She now loves to lie on the cool bricks in the fireplace in every room to keep her belly cool. She knows that I frequently have Milk Bone Minis in my pocket, which is the key to my success in talking her into obeying commands, but my voice must stay soft, gentle and happy. If I try to get physical or sound stern she shuts down, cowers and may tremble. There’s no recovery for a long time. I keep trying to get her to sit to have the leash put on and taken off. It is a work in progress. She does not bark or growl. Although she whines, growls and woofs while she’s asleep. She LOVES to ride in the car, on a recent ride to town my cocker barked when a man approached the side of the car. Rosie did not. She doesn’t guard her food or rawhide chews. If Isabelle wa nts it, she gives it up. I’ve caught Isabelle helping Rosie finish her food, that’s got to stop or I’ll have a cocker as round as a bowling ball! Rosie cannot be crated as you see Miss Rosie hates the crate and will break out. I have had success closing her in the kitchen or using a baby gate when I run errands. Rosie and Isabelle get along well and I think Rosie would benefit from another dog in the home to show her how to be a dog and enjoy life. Rosie will also need a patient owner one who can continue to work on her confidence and let her develop into the wonderful Brittany that we know she can be. If you think Rosie is just the right girl for you then fill out our adoption application and note Rosie #4773. History: Rosie was surrendered by her owners to a local shelter when they found out that she was heartworm positive. They also stated that she was unable to be trained and with her cowering behaviors we think they were just using the wrong training approach as Brittany’s in general are a soft breed when it comes to correction. Rosie has finished her heartworm treatment and will go in to be spayed and have a dental on 9/3 so she will be ready for adoption in a few short weeks.