Rory - 20034925

Location: Columbia, Maryland
Neutered Male
Color: Orange Roan
Birthdate: January 15, 2020 - Estimated
Age: 3 Year, 10 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


1.26.2023 Rory was adopted to an approved applicant by Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue.Rory is in the care of Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue. Here’s a link to his bio on their website: Rory has ↵grown into a sweet, funny, and loving companion. Love and stability and ↵safety have helped him flourish and overcome a very rough start. He is ↵getting much braver with changes outside, but he still sometimes barks ↵and then hides behind me with strangers. When he is with another dog, he↵ is very calm and immediately follows their cues. Now, he can do more on↵ his strong three legs than some dogs on all four. He comes to his name ↵in the house (outside with his nose full of smells, he is selectively ↵deaf). I have done limited training, instead focusing on providing a ↵stable environment to build up his strength and courage. He indicates ↵when he needs to go outside. He is quiet through the workday, sleeping ↵or playing.Good with cats/kids: Rory has a very strong prey ↵drive. He has learned to coexist with our cats, but he really wants to ↵chase them, and he doesn’t want to share me with them. He should not ↵live in a home with cats. He is skittish and small children, sudden ↵noises, and lots of unexpected activity make him anxious.Crate trained:Somewhat. He was crated the first ↵week for meals and sleep but has not been in the crate since the first ↵week. He does not like the crate once the food is gone. He has full ↵access to the house day and night with no problems.Leash trained:Yes. He is walks on a double leash, a↵ harness and slip lead. As a front tripod, the harness alone is not ↵secure and he dashes about after smells and squirrels so the leash alone↵ won’t work. He is still fearful and when he startles, he tries to run ↵away. He is a flight risk with no recall outside. As a tripod, he needs ↵to move quickly for balance so we have not worked on heel; just on ↵controlling the pull. He pulls hard. He tries to track and chase ↵squirrels and rabbits. He is calm walking by roads and cars. He gets ↵skittish with visible changes in the environment like trash cans that ↵have been moved. He sometimes barks at other dogs and people when ↵walking.Activity Level: I suspect in a fenced yard he would↵ run quite a bit. In the house, he plays with his toys alone or with me.↵ He runs up and down the stairs and hops on and off the bed. He has ↵recently started playing actively with his toys and running in the house↵ for the joy of it. He is up with the alarm clock in the morning and ↵wants his human up too. Once the sun goes down, he wants to play a bit ↵and then cuddles in my lap and goes to sleep. He sleeps quietly on the ↵bed all night though he does bring his favorite toys to bed.Fence:A physical fence is required. He has not ↵tried to jump over things so a 4-foot fence should be fine. Rory has a ↵very high prey drive. He is also reactive to things that frighten him, ↵and I think he would react badly to an invisible fence. Rory is a cuddler. He is a lap dog and ↵sleeps on the bed at night. He has not had experience with children. I ↵think he would do well with an older child. I think a home where he ↵would have fur brothers or sisters is best to play with and to mentor ↵him. He is prey driven and birdy. He loves to follow scents and wants to↵ chase all the critters. He would probably love learning to do nose work↵ to direct that energy. We have not crated since the first week. He has ↵shown that he can be trusted to not destroy things or have accidents. He↵ loves his toys and food. He is very food motivated. He may be scared at↵ first. Toys are a must for Rory. He decorates his world with his toys.Medical History: Rory is neutered, microchipped, ↵UTD on vaccinations and on monthly HWP. He was hit by a car while in ↵Greece. After he recovered from heartworm treatment this summer, his leg↵ was amputated. When he arrived from Greece in September, his stamina ↵was very low, and he was underweight. He now goes for walks of up to a ↵mile and a half at a time and may walk 3 miles a day. Once in the ↵states, he was treated for giardia. He is currently on Hills ID ↵prescription diet following some persistent diarrhea. Rory is also on ↵daily trazadone to assist with his anxiety. Once he is settled in his ↵new home, it should be possible to step him down.Elias originates from Greece where is↵ endemic. He tested negative before coming to the USA, but the parasite ↵can remain dormant in the system for many years, so potential adopters ↵must be willing to commit to annual testing for the next 7 years. ↵Typically, the test needs to be sent to a special lab, but any regular ↵vet can draw the blood and send it to the lab. The cost of the test ↵seems to vary widely by area, but is approximately $150-$250 or if your vet is willing to send the test to a veterinary college lab, cost can be as low as $80Foster Comments: Rory is an absolute lovebug. He wants to be close to his person as much as possible.The↵ name Rory fits him well and he was very responsive to it almost ↵immediately. He is fascinated by other dogs and lived with them ↵previously at the shelter. He did well with my temporary foster his ↵first week here and was so mellow after a single walk/playdate with ↵another dog that I hardly recognized him. He met another dog on the walk↵ and acted like a normal dog meeting a potential friend. He asked the ↵other walker with me for hugs partway through. When we were approached ↵by a stranger, all he did was look and then returned his attention to ↵our group instead of barking or hiding behind me. These are huge ↵milestones for him. When he is in a secure environment, he is brave and ↵funny, playful and curious, and asks for what he wants. One of his ↵nicknames is Rory High-Heart to honor his courage to love after the hard↵ experiences of his short life. Rory will be a loving, funny, and ↵devoted companion. He needs a patient and calm human, a dog brother or ↵sister, and a secure yard. With this, he will thrive.Foster location:Laurel, MDVolunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000-mile distance between adopters and foster home. If↵ interstate transport is provided for your adopted dog, there will be an↵ additional charge of $50.00 for the required Certificate of Veterinary ↵Inspection (“Health Certificate”). Typically, we are able to ↵transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be ↵adopted outside the 1000-mile transport distance; however, adopters must↵ be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within ↵the 1000-mile transport range, or make independent transport ↵arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far Western states, ↵from Eastern states, may have additional restrictions.Rory was placed on the SE page because the website wouldn’t allow a Courtesy Page posting for him. He found an adopter through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue on 1.24.23