Rory - 20032129

Location: Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
Neutered Male
Color: Black Roan
Birthdate: July 11, 2012 - Actual
Age: 11 Year, 4 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Personality: Rory is incredibly laid-back in the house, and like most Bretons very active and vigilant when outside. (E.G. He likes to chase play with anything squirrel related!) Inside: He’s very well housebroken (no messes and regularly can hold it if need be!) not destructive or intrusive in the house. as context, I have fostered/lived with about 15 to 20 dogs at this point in my life, and he’s in the top 3 for ‘most housebroken’ and ‘easy to take care of in the house’. No grabbing food, separation anxiety, random barking, stretching, nipping, property destruction. nothing! Inside he does like to pay fetch with small plush squirrel toys (he doesn’t care too much for balls or blankets, ropes, etc), and all the other times is relatively calm and cuddly! It’s rare that he’s not by my side in the house at all times. While not needed, he’s been crate trained and is very happy to calmly go and stay in the crate if i’m away for an extended period He’s introverted around large groups he doesn’t know . I had 10-12 new people over for an Eagles game, and he’d rather sleep in the bedroom than hang out with all the people. Though when it was just 3 friends over he was excited to hang out. Outside: Having run with him he’s not a exceptionally fast when on the leash, though he has handled multiple 2-3 mile jogs with ease (9 min / mi pace). When outside he’s most interested in checking out new smells, and (absent seeing a squirrel) he jogs on leash very well! His hunting / prey instincts are really strong very attentive, great nose, and he’s fairly fast off leash and strong for his size (he’s a little undersized for a male Brit at about 27-32 lbs). I’ve taken him to the dog park multiple times, and I will admit he doesn’t care to actively play / horse around with other dogs. The city dog park regularly has 5-15 dogs there at a time, and I get the feeling the volume of dogs actually makes him uncomfortable. He hasn’t been overly aggressive to them either (he’s indifferent or will likely growl if he’s being provoked / surrounded though no biting). About one and five dogs he cares to sniff and gently play with, otherwise he just keeps on moving on and seems to be most interested in checking out new smells or playing with me. Appearance: Rory is my first black white roan dog of any kind, and boy does he look pretty! I always thought I loved the look of standard orange / white Britts, though Rory has opened my eyes! He gets compliments on his unique and handsomeness daily: Black face (slight white marking), roan shoulders, black/white back and flank, freckled legs, and black paws that almost look like shoes Health/food: Rory has no health issues or food issues that have presented in the time he’s been in foster care. Rory is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, heartworm and leishmaniasis negative. If you’d like to be considered as Rory’s forever home, please complete an adoption application and mention his name and ID number.