Rocket - 20035005

Location: Toledo, Ohio
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: June 13, 2017 - Actual
Age: 6 Year, 5 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


** We will not be transporting Rocket **(Tap. Tap. Tap.) Hello? Is this thing on? Oh! Hi everyone! I’m Rocket, but my foster mama calls me Rocket Man (usually sounds like ROCKET MAAAAAAN). If you don’t mind hanging out for a second, I’d love to tell you a story!Growing up, I had a family that really really loved me. When they brought me home as a puppy, I was pretty shy, and a little nervous. But I learned how to be more confident and happy, even though I stayed a little nervous about some things. I grew up with a lot of kids, and I often had another doggie to play with. But then my humans’ life got really busy as the kids got older. That’s when they contacted these good people with ABR!Currently, I have two Brittany sisters, and the youngest one is fun! My foster mama calls me “Da goodest boi” as she rubs my belly or scratches my chin or chest. I LOVEwhen she plays fetch with me, and I always “Bring It”, then “Drop It”, just so she will throw it again! I protect her by ‘telling’ her that a car or person is outside (secretly I’m a little scared of whatever is outside, but she’s doing a really good job of showing me things aren’t really scary. Don’t tell her I said that.) My foster mama giggles at me all the time, especially when I hunt ‘sky raisins’ (flies). So here’s the deal. Are you looking for the goodest boi who:is kind of a shy party guyis potty/kennel trainedloves to play fetchloves to nap will always ‘tell’ you there is something outsideloves car ridesdoesn’t pull on a leashwill protect you. because it’s my jobEven though I grew up with a lot of kids, I don’t know that I wanna live with a lot of them, especially small ones. Remember, I’m a little shy/nervous, and overstimulation really isn’t my thing. I just need someone to keep showing me that the world isn’t so scary, and I’ll be your shadow to tell you ‘thank you’. I’d like a calmer, more mellow house to match my vibe. I’ll let you marinate with that. It’s naptime and my foster mama can tell you more.—————-Foster mama here! Holy cow. Rocket Man really is the goodest boi! He knows Sit, Shake, Lay, Stay, Okay, Off, Here, Bring It, Drop It, and Go To Crate. He will fall asleep standing up if you rub his chest, and wait for you to invite him on the couch. In the end, he just wants to be with his humans.He is incredible on a leash! He knows how to use an invisible fence, and loves to spend time outside. Even though he sleeps in a kennel here, he really doesn’t have to. He really is the goodest boi. Rocket really just needs a home that will continue to show him that things aren’t so scary, and there’s no need to feel nervous! But also. a quiet and calmer home to match his chill vibe. Like he said earlier, overstimulation isn’t his thing anymore. So small children wouldn’t be ideal for him.The things that make him nervous are simply things he hasn’t experienced before or things that startle him, i.e. a waving flag, a loud or sudden sound, sometimes. new people. What he really needs is for someone to slowly introduce things one at a time. If you think that ROCKET MAAAAAN is the right one for you, please submit an application to adopt! Here’s the link: ABR Adoption Application