Riley - 20031368

Location: Denton, Nebraska
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: August 20, 2011 - Actual
Age: 12 Year, 3 Month

  • OK with Dogs
  • OK with Cats
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Meet Riley, a very handsome 2.5 yr old neutered male Brittany. We don’t know much about Riley since he showed up on a farm in a small town in Kansas almost 2 months ago. He was shot at by a farmer but they missed (thankfully). The family took him in, got him cleaned up, neutered, vaccinated the works. No one came to claim him and they already had 3 dogs of their own so they reached out to us. Riley then made his trip from that small town to Omaha where he has been settling in quite nicely. He loves running around our big fenced yard and enjoys snuggle time with his foster dad and his daily walks. He walks very nicely on his leash. Riley could go either way with being around other dogs or not. He has a few here to play with and he can get carried away at times with all the excitement, but does settle down when asked to. Otherwise, he enjoys laying on our deck and watching the world go by. He knows some commands like sit, shake and will come when you whistle or say his name. Riley has a very sweet disposition despite what he has been through in the last few months. He is like all Brittanys when it comes to affection. He loves it! His coat is so soft and white and his teeth are so clean. Oh and did we mention cats? He seems to do well around them too. Would you like Riley to be a part of your life? If so, please fill out the online application and mention his name and ID #. No unseen adoptions for Riley though. We want to make sure he goes where he will receive as much love as he gives. Someone is going to get a great dog with Riley. We would love to tell you more about this special boy. If you have any questions, please contact his foster family. As stated above, Riley wandered up to a home after almost getting shot by a neighboring farmer. They were kind enough to do everything for him (vet care) and then reached out to us to get him into foster care.