Queenie - 20031273

Location: Greenfield, Indiana
Color: Black and White
Birthdate: January 9, 2014 - Actual
Age: 9 Year, 10 Month

  • OK with Dogs
  • OK with Cats
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Hi.My name is Queenie. I am a ‘Brittany wanna be’ Yes, I do look different than Brittanys, I’m not Orange and White or Liver and White. I’m much smaller than a French Brittany even. You see, my mommy is a pure-bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was a stray and at a high kill shelter. They told this rescue she was a French Brittany and based on the pictures, that is what she looked like. So this nice rescue took her in. They say she was very skinny but with love and lots of meals, she gained weight.a LOT of weight. That’s where I come in. Yes, my mom was pregnant with me and my 4 siblings. They could have had us removed before we were born, but the rescue said it was too risky. I’m glad they didn’t and I hope you are too. I am one of 2 girls in the litter and the largest. I LOVE to be picked up and cuddled. But don’t get me wrong.I totally enjoy some good play time too! I know I’m not a Brittany or even a French Brittany, but I’m just as fun and as smart as one!! Foster mom here. Queenie, like all her siblings, is funny, entertaining, and SMART! If you would like to give Queenie a wonderful home, please fill out the adoption application and mention her name and ID #. Queenie has had her puppy shots and is microchipped. As stated above, Queenie is 1 of 4 pups available for adoption. We did not know her mom wasn’t a French Brittany until she arrived. We also did not know she was pregnant but after a few weeks she started to show and the rest is history.