Peppers - 20032538

Location: Conesus, New York
Spayed Female
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: December 3, 2013 -
Age: 10 Year, 0 Month

  • House Broken
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Socialization/training: Peppers was surrendered by an adult female. She lived with an older dog and 2 cats. Because of a divorce, Peppers spent a lot of time being alone with the other animals. Peppers uses the dog door at will and has not had any accidents since coming into foster. She knows basic commands like sit and knows some words when spoken, like treat, wait, walk and bye. Peppers enjoys training sessions, learns easily and plays with the other dogs. When greeting company, Peppers does not jump up on people. She does not beg at mealtime for humans and is typically gentle taking treats. Pizza is a favorite food and she was given people food frequently. Barking is appropriate and not excessive. Peppers rides well in the car and does well visiting pet friendly stores. Good with Children: Older children who are able to respect an animal’s space are fine. Peppers was not raised with young children so she is not totally comfortable with how busy they can be and how the children may be a little rough with where fingers may poke. In a public setting, Peppers has been fine with all children.Good with Dogs: yes, is part of a 9 member pack currently Good with Cats: yes, lived with a cat and a kitten House trained: yes Crate trained: yes, but have not needed to use a crate in foster Leash trained: Peppers tends to pull on a leash but is showing improvement. She was not walked in her previous home with any frequency. Peppers has shown that she has prey drive and uses her nose to explore on the daily pack walk. Activity Level: moderate. Peppers loves to run around the yard, chase and be chased for tag, becomes very excited when we return home. Fence: Physical fence is preferred, previous home did not have a physical fence, a tie out was used. Peppers enjoys using the dog door to come and go outside as she wishes and plays with the other dogs. She is overweight and needs to continue to lose about 10 more pounds. Behavior: Peppers is a well behaved, sweet Brittany. She has not chewed on things she should not, sleeps in a dog bed in the foster parent’s room or in bed with us. Her preferred spot is in the pillows above our heads! She gets along well with a variety of dogs, likes people and is usually gentle. She does have a moderate level of prey drive and is very birdy. Medical History: Up to date on vaccines, spayed, negative for heartworm and is on preventative. Foster Comments: Peppers has blossomed into a typical Brittany. Her ears were significant for a yeast infection that was treated. She allows her ears to be cleaned, is excellent in the bath, good about being groomed. The exception is she is sensitive to her feet being handled. We are working on desensitizing her to touch and was good for the vet tech who trimmed her nails. Peppers really likes to be near people and be petted. With other dogs to play with, long walks daily and a wide variety of playthings, she is making choices and has settled in easily. Interested in Peppers, then be sure to fill out the adoption application.