Mopsy - 20032459

Location: Millville, New Jersey
Spayed Female
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: April 5, 2011 - Actual
Age: 12 Year, 8 Month

  • House Broken
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


5/11/2020 We are marking Mopsy adoption pending as the response for her has been overwhelming we will work with the adoption applications we have received to date to find her the perfect forever home. As a foster parent, you remember the really good pups, and the really bad pups, and l am happy to say that Mopsy is a really, really good pup. Mopsy is a nine year old spayed female that is housebroken, well behaved when left in the house alone, and has never destroyed a single toy. Yes, read that last line again, Mopsy has never destroyed a toy yet. In all my years of fostering, l have never had a Brittany that has not destroyed most, if not all of their toys.Mopsy loves to play with her toys, our house looks like a dog toy manufacturer company blew up toys strewn in every room because of Mopsy and her fun playful personality.Mopsy is very healthy and active, she weighs 35 lbs, and has a long lanky gazelle like stride to her step and a beautiful full tail. She is highly motivated by food and toys. Mopsy will play fetch with you until your arm falls off. She goes outside to use the bathroom and does not need to be crated when left alone in the house. When she was crated, she did a good job and was well behaved. Mopsy sleeps well through the night, but if she hears anything, like a dog barking from afar, or a cat walking by in the neighborhood, she becomes a barking machine. We are working on this issue, and it could be due to the newness of her surroundings as well.Mopsy owner surrendered her due to family issues. Her vet records show a very healthy Brittany, and she came to us with a good weight, beautiful fur, and a happy disposition. Mopsy is one of those pups that lives in the moment and was playing with us within the first ten minutes of coming into our home. There was literally no adjustment period, just throw the ball and play.Mopsy is a beautiful fun loving sweet girl that would be great for a household with older children and/or other friendly dogs. Mopsy has been a wonderful houseguest and would be an equally wonderful addition to your family. If you are interested in making this special girl a part of your family please fill out our adoption applicationand mention Mopsy!