Minnie - 20030939

Location: Glenwood, Maryland
Spayed Female
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: October 6, 2008 - Actual
Age: 15 Year, 1 Month

  • OK with Dogs
  • OK with Cats
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Hi I’m Minnie and I need to tell you a bit about me. I came from not the best of situations, I lived in a kennel in the backyard for years, having litters of puppies and then they just get rid of me And wow how lucky I am cuz I now live in a wonderful house with people who are working very hard to help me get housetrained, being comfortable in a loving trusting environment and I can’t believe that life can be fun and friendly!!! To give you a hint, my foster mom called me Skinny Minnie. I was really crazy about food because I was so hungry all the time, but just today mom noticed how good I was waiting for all the bowls to get filled and ready to be put down for me and the other dogs. I am putting on some weight and not as skinny as I was. I noticed she just calls me Minnie now! I really don’t like being put in a kennel, it makes me nervous and I get uptight, so my foster home has given me some freedom in the house, letting me roam and are supportively housetraining me. So lucky they are patient with me, I just didn’t know about living in a home, but I am learning!!! And stairs are so cool! I have learned all the house rules and love the one about sitting and getting a treat after going outside! My foster mom and dad are so proud of all I have learned in the last month!!! I used to be scared just walking in the front yard, if I heard a bang I would try to hid, now I can walk to the park and cars don’t even scare me!! I am a bit spoiled, I like to stay close to my foster family, I do sleep on the bed with my foster mom, dad and my dog friends Sasha and Brimsi. I love my cat buddies Tiger, Midnight and Bear!! I would prefer a home with another dog to play with and keep company or a really friendly cat. I just like having a buddy and not being alone. I do sleep through the night and am not really a bother on the bed, I just like the security. I am an active girl and like to go out for walks and although I still tend to circle around when on a leash it’s just because that’s all I knew in my kennel for all those years, I am getting more and more confident and comfortable. I don’t pull or cause trouble and it’s fun to discover all the new things in this big world. I will happily hang with you on the sofa reading and watching movies or football! (I don’t really care what we do if we are hanging together!!) I am so loving, curious and kind and need a balanced routine. I do get routines!!! I will love you and be a dedicated friend. Please consider giving me a very patient loving environment and a chance at having a warm forever home!!!! Please contact my foster mom and get all the details!!! Minnie was one of 4 dogs turned in by a backyard breeder in South Carolina, she was flea ridden, full of parasites and malnourished. She is happy and healthy now.