Marley - 20031290

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: September 9, 2013 - Actual
Age: 10 Year, 2 Month

  • House Broken
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


This is Marley Marley came to us trying to disguise himself as a Brittany.but when he came out of the car, there was no way he could hide the fact that he is not a pure-bred maybe 1/4, maybe a 1/3, but not 100%. And yet, he tries real hard to be a Brittany! Yes he is orange and white and has those adorable freckles on his face, will give him credit where credit is due. Marley has even shown us his hunting techniques. We so far have been presented with a very large squirrel, a rabbit and a bird. We can’t fault Marley for trying. We all know Brittanys rock. and yet, like all the others, he needs a great home. Marley is mentioned in Disa’s bio as well. Like a good wine they are a perfect pair. They play off each others needs and are quite fond of each other. This would be an adopt one, get one situation since Marley is not a pure-bred (but don’t tell him that, he gets upset) What DO we know about Marley? He LOVES children and like Disa, would kiss them 24/7 if he could. Loves to snuggle with them, run around the yard with them, plays a little fetch, basically likes to be wherever you are and at night, will sleep next to you in the bed. Marley loves the outdoors and car rides. Marley is on the small side as well so easy to carry if you had a bad back. The perfect home for Marley would be if he could stay with Disa or be in home with at least another dog, children and a family who will make him a part of their daily activities. If you would like to make Marley a part of your fun family, please fill out the online application and mention his name and ID#. Marley is up to date on vaccines and is heartworm and on preventative. Marley and his Labrador buddy were busted several times in the small town they lived in for running at large. Their owner was not taking very good care of them and allowed them to run free. The Sheriff put the kibosh on that and the owners relinquished them both to the shelter. The pictures they sent of Marley made him look very much like a pure-bred Brittany so we said we would take him in.and the rest is history:)