Luca - 20032449

Location: Reno, Nevada
Neutered Male
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: February 2, 2013 - Estimated
Age: 10 Year, 10 Month

  • Crate Trained
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs


Luca came into rescue when his owner passed away. He is a handsome black and white French Brittany.Luca is very well crate trained, but has lived his life in a kennel. His owner intended to hunt train Luca, but it doesn’t appear that his trainingwas finalized. Luca is leash trained and comes to his name.Luca has lived his life with Buddy, but is starting to have some power struggles. We believe Luca would do well with a female dog, Luca is loving and playful, and could do really well with children over the age of 8.Foster Mom says:Luca will be 9 in July, 2022. He is a small dog of about 30 pounds. Luca is looking for a home with lots of kids and lots of attention. He absolutely loves children and people in general. After all, all humans were built with two arms to pet dogs. My nickname for Luca is “Wiggle Butt.” Every time we open the door he runs to us with his butt swinging from side-to-side. He is the happiest dog you will ever meet! When I take him on his daily walk, he serenades me with a summary of his night and everything else going on in his life. After 5 to 15 minutes, the talking usually ends. If I respond, it can go for the entire walk! If you can sing on key, your morning walk could be a unique experience!!!Luca loves to turn circles in front of you when you walk. He also tends to jump on you. I have been working with him to stop it but he has tripped my 80 year old spouse a couple times. A hard fall would be a disaster for him.Luca would love to find a jogger to run with. He thinks my walks are too slow!Luca is not house trained. That may be due to our “old Brittany”, who is blind, living in the house. Luca no longer blesses our porch and deck so he may learn without other male dogs in the house. Luca typically hunts all day in our yard. He hunts anything that moves. He is quick and can catch lizards, snakes, and some birds. I am hoping that he can find a home where he can thrive being “the one” receiving all the attention. He is definitely looking for a family to play ball, run and jump and roughhouse. That is, he acts more like a Shepard than a Brittany. He wants someone to love him and play for as often and as long as possible! He may be the sweetest dog that you will ever meet! Lastly he is a coward whenever there is thunder or fireworks. He is good about going to his kennel for security!If you are interested in this sweet boy, please complete an adoption application and mention Luca. We will not transport Luca, so please plan on visiting him in his foster home to finalize your decision to adopt