Limerick - 20030323

Location: Victorville, California
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: May 19, 2008 - Actual
Age: 15 Year, 6 Month

  • House Broken
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Introducing Limerick! Limerick is a tall, lean,40pound, beautiful Brittany boy. He has received a clean bill of health from the vet. Limerick is very smart and trainable; he has the potential to excel at anything for which you may want his it hunting, agility training, or any other activity. He is fast, can jump very high, and is extremely agile and curious. Limerickwould benefit from some basic obedience training (sit, stay, come, heel) for his own personal safety. He easily clears thethree footfence separating the dog run from the rest of the yardbut thefive footfence around the backyard seems to contain him. Limericklives in a foster home with two other medium sized dogs and gets along with them very well.(They were not very nice or welcoming to him at first but he won them over!)It did nottake long at all for him to use the doggie door. He is crate trained as well but prefers to sleep under the bed with the pack. He has already learned that he may only be up on the furniture when invited and respects and obeys all house rules. He has no chewing tendencies for anything other than toys and he only barks when he should -that is when someone is at the door, etc. Limerick is the ultimate family pet!He will be very much missed in his foster home when he finds his forever home. He is so eager to please, happy, resilient, and loving. He can be so goofy at timesrolling around on his back with a squeaky toy in his mouth in pure bliss. He makes you smile just looking at his sweet face. Submit your online adoption applicationtoday (be sure to mention Limerick-2542)and you will see what joy he can bring to your life! Limerick was surrendered to ABR by his owners. Since the other family dogs didn’t like Limerick, hisownersfelt he would be better off in another home.