Liberty - 20030321

Location: Henderson, Minnesota
Color: Orange Roan
Birthdate: September 20, 2009 - Actual
Age: 14 Year, 2 Month


    Dog Story: This is little Liberty. We call her Libby. Some times she is called Twerp, Wildwoman, Bossy, and Baby. Ms. Libby is eight months old. She is cautious when you first meet her, but once she knows you watch out! She will growl at the big dogs if they get near her bone and the funny thing is, they back away. Tenacious would be a good word to describe her. She is more likely to get into stuff than her sister, Lilly. Libby is small (not more than 21 pounds), but she a little pack of dynamite. Last night she was jumping off the couch onto her sister over and over. Her sister didn’t take the bait, so Libby sat on her sister’s head. Don’t let all of this let you think for one second that she is really that tough. The truth is that she is a big baby. She loves kisses and tummy rubs. She gets on the chair and lays on her back when she knows it is time to kennel. She is great a looking pathetic when she gets into trouble. Libby is house trained, crate trained and can use the doggy door. I would prefer that she go to a home that has had Brittanys before and one that has other dogs. She has always been with her sister Lilly.If you are interested in Liberty, please complete the adoption application She was born in an animal shelter to a mother that was rescued from a puppy mill. She was well taken care of and has been socialized with people and other dogs. I am not sure about cats.