Katie - 20031648

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Spayed Female
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: March 6, 2010 - Actual
Age: 13 Year, 9 Month

  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Meet Katie, a very shy and beautiful 7 yr old Brittany! Katie came into our rescue extremely and painfully shy as well as overweight with a coat that was dull and dry as well as being heartworm positive to boot! She has been successfully treated for heartworm and is now negative and with a good diet and lots of patience Katie is slowly turning around. As you can see by the pictures, her coat is smooth and shiny. Katie still is very timid around people and does best with one person around her at a time. Katie enjoys being outside as much as she can. Her tail wags and she keeps her nose to the ground doing what this breed loves to to. We keep her on a long leash line as our yard isn’t fenced. Katie loves to run out to the end, explore, then she will come back in to for some petting before running out again. Inside, Katie is reserved and will come to you if she wants to be petted. We can tell she was mistreated in the past because when she enters the house, she will look both ways and then will slink over to her bed. Because of this, we have found that Katie doesn’t like loud noises or thunder. If having a rough start in life isn’t enough, Katie now has Addison’s disease as well as eye issues that require 2 different medications a day and for the Addison’s.a shot once a month. Poor girl cannot catch a break. Katie is fine with little kids and will just ignore them. Has never shown any aggression towards anyone. Katie is crate trained and uses a crate for traveling. Update 9/13/2017: Katie has made remarkable progress in socialization with humans and canines. She is still somewhat timid in uncomfortable situations, but rises above with encouragement and praise. She loves to run in the yard, play with her stuffed animals and seeks out her fosters for pets and snuggles. Katie loves her daily walks and does great with a halter. She would do well as the only dog in the household or another male dog. Chain link fence or long tether is a must as she likes to run and is not responsive to an invisible fence. Katie’s meds for her eyes and Addisons (monthly injections) is approximately $150-$200 her month. She is very tolerant with her meds. Katie is a beautiful liver and white, sweet, loving, funny and smart Brittany, who certainly had no breaks in her life until ABR stepped in for her care. Again if you are looking for a loving, loyal low-keyed companion please consider adding Katie to your home. Please complete the adoption applicationask for Katie and her ABR ID#. Katie is up to date on her vaccines and is heartworm negative and on preventive. Katie along with her mother came to ABR through their owner last year. Both were extremely inverted and not wanting to be touched. Her mother has since passed and Katie has been in a foster to adopt situation since then. Her current fosters love her to pieces, but live very far from the vets she needs to see to regulate her Addisons as well as the meds for her eyes.