Jacques - 20032068

Location: Amarillo, Texas
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: February 4, 2016 - Actual
Age: 7 Year, 9 Month

  • House Broken
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Hi, my name is Jacques .or Jack for short! I may not be a full Brittany, but whatever I am I’m the best of both worlds. I’m told I’m just as sweet as a Brittany and love to be by ‘my people’. I have such wonderful traits so let me tell you all about them. I am very good with other dogs and people. I go to the dog park and play with the other dogs just fine, no problems there. When I go for my walk, I’m very good about sticking to the sidewalk and I don’t ‘pull’ whoever is walking with me, in fact most of the time my leash is very loose. I don’t require long walks either. A 30 minute walk and I’m a happy boy. During the day I like to nap so I’m ready for you when you come home so we can go for a walk or even to the dog park just saying!! I’m not a hunter but do enjoy watching the birds and squirrels. I also am housebroken and not a big barker either. Hey Jack, it’s your foster mom here, my turn to tell them about you!! I really enjoy having him with us. He’s got so many good traits. He seems to like my cat and gets along with her but the cat isn’t too keen on him He doesn’t counter surf in the kitchen, doesn’t go after food if you decide you want to eat in front of the TV (he does give you those big brown eyes and gets close, but he’s never stolen any food!). When the front or back door is opened for whatever reason he doesn’t go flying outside to investigate anything, I like that! He’s curious, but if I tell him to stay away from the door, he does. When I go into a room he’s not allowed in and the door is shut, he doesn’t scratch at it to get in, but will patiently wait outside (good time to catch a nap). Jack doesn’t get on the furniture or beds and he sleeps in his crate at night and is quiet until I wake up him in the morning. When it comes to eating, Jack has his food out all day and eats when he likes Jack likes to graze his meals. Jack does have an inflamed joint below the shoulder, so he has a limp. Over the counter anti Inflammatory supplements is what is on tap for him. It doesn’t seem to bother him, and you can touch his leg without him even noticing anything. If you are interested in making Jack a part of your family, please fill out the online application and mention his name and ID #. Jack is up to date on his vaccines and is heartworm negative and on preventative. Jack was a stray at the shelter. When his hold period was up, they contacted our rescue. He appears to be more Brittany, but not 100%. Whatever he is blended with, it has created a very beautiful, balanced dog.