Holly - 20031245

Location: Lake Orion, Michigan
Spayed Female
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: July 28, 2013 - Actual
Age: 10 Year, 4 Month


    February 6, 2013 This female Brittany pup is one of the 19 Britts being surrendered in NE. She was transferred to ABR ‘custody’ today and will be vetted in NE tomorrow. Then ABR-MI volunteer Marc G. will transport her from Des Moines to MI where she will be fostered by Linda A. We do have an ABR-MI approved adopter who has been waiting for a young female since Nov so she’ll likely be adopted in the next 2-3 weeks after she’s fully vetted and spayed. Update 22 Feb 2014 We are changing this Nebraska pup’s listed name from ‘Misty’ to ‘Holly’ because we do have approved applicants waiting to adopt her and they want to name her Holly. She has been spayed and her stitches will be removed on Monday. If all goes as planned, she’ll likely be adopted on Friday. Update April 6, 2014 Holly was returned to rescue due to adopter impatience with her need for proper socialization with people. Linda Allen has agreed to foster Holly until a new adopter is found who will be patient with Holly and allow her to meet life’s new experiences in her own time.