Heart - 20032298

Location: Mt. Dora, Florida
Spayed Female
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: July 29, 2017 - Estimated
Age: 6 Year, 4 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story:The Tale of Two Fosters. As told by Louise and Heart, the Dixie ChicksLouise: This is one of those sad tales that will have a happy ending.Heart: We came into ABR after being picked up by animal control. I was picked up four times before my old human figured out that without a fence I was not going to hang around. But he didn’t feed me all the time and I was always hungry. I started eating pebbles.L: I remember the furor when you started throwing them up. That really sent Herself into a tizzy. How did that mineral oil taste?H: Would you not interrupt me?L: So sorrreeeeeH: As I was saying . he left me the fourth time. Somewhere along the line, Louise came into my life.L: I only got picked up once but that was enough. We got real sick while we were loose and at animal control; no one helped us until ABR sent someone to our rescue.H: The nice lady picked us up and took us to a house where there were some other Brittanys.L: There we met Herself. Wow, was she mad! She said words about our old human that I’m not allowed to repeat because I’m just a toddler. H: She took us to a doctor and he gave us shots and pills and said it would take awhile for us to get better. Boy, was he right!L: You see, we were so sick we didn’t eat. I only weighted 17 pounds and Heart didn’t weight much more. On that day it became Herself’s mission to get us to eat. It was a hard one. Plus we didn’t make it easy.H: I think she tried every trick in her bag and it’s a big bag. We did give her hope by eating a piece of kibble out of her hand every now and then.L: Someone suggested Gerber baby hot dogs and we started to eat those. H: Don’t forget the Pupperonis. They were quite tastyL: They were! But they did not make Herself happy. Neither did the Vienna sausages that we decided we would eat one a day. She kept mumbling about dogs can’t live by sausage aloneH: I don’t see why not. Her and her chicken broth and yogurt and cat kibble and rice and roast beef and buttermilk. Yes, a dog can live on Vienna sausages and Pupperoni.L: And then it happened . we started to get well and eat “approved” food. But at first we would only eat it out of her hand.H: And then just off the floor. Then we progressed to paper platesL: There are still a whole pack of them that she bought the day before we decided we could eat out of a bowl. And the more we ate the better we got.H: We started to play. We took treats. We came out of our crates. We started to run. We got stronger.L: We started to hide things like Herself’s flip flops.H: Wait, you are the hider. Anyway, we got better and went from sick, scared puppies to healthy, fun loving toddlers.L: Now Herself says we have to move on.H: I don’t know why. there are still Pupperonis to eat. But she is right. So we are supposed to start interviewing for our own families.L: We can go together or not. I’m supposed to say we are orange and white. I’m about a year and a half old and Heart is about two. We both have good manners.H: If you have a fence, we respect it! Herself said that was important so people don’t think we are a ” flight risk”.L: I don’t know what that is but it makes Herself happy. That seems to be the goal around here. So if you need a new friend who likes to play hide and seek here I am.H: If you a more sensible companion, I’m here too.Hoping to hear from you, Heart and Louise, the Dixie Chicks The Dixie Chicks are spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, heartworm negative and on preventative.