Harley - 20030816

Location: Hoover, Alabama
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: April 22, 2010 - Actual
Age: 13 Year, 7 Month

  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story Harley is a beautiful orange and white male 3 y/o Brittany who weighs approximately 36 lbs. Because he was rescued from a Tennessee shelter, Harley doesn’t have papers to support his age or pedigree but you will definitely know he is ALL Brittany when you see him. Harley has been with my family since the first of May 2012. My husband and I have one son (who is a very tall 15 years old) and two rescue dogs that are approximately 8 years old. Harley was very shy and scared of tall men during the first two weeks. With the help of our dogs to show the way, Harley is now a rambunctious dog whose tail never stops wagging. He loves to be outside patrolling his fence line making sure no animal gets in without a chase and no human walking near is unaware of his snout sticking thru the fence and his tail wagging! Harley is a quick learner and wants to please! He was house trained in a few days, and taught to sit on voice and hand command within a week. He is OK in a crate but does not prefer it. When you’re walking, Harley will lick you on the back of your legs to let you know you have a shadow. When he wants to go out or get a treat, he sits directly in front on you and just looks at you silently saying that he wants something. Before meals and treats, he will sit on command and wait his share patiently. He eats nicely with my two other dogs; there has never been a fight over food. My two other dogs get the praise on his learning; Harley watches them and then acts accordingly. Harley needs a family that has at least one other dog or a family with a stay at home individual. Harley is leery of strangers and acts timid and shy until he gets comfortable. He rolls to his back and surrenders when he is extremely uncomfortable. Once comfortable, he turns into a handsome, loving, and playful dog. When Harley is comfortable in his surroundings, his tail NEVER stops wagging! He loves to run and chase birds/squirrels/rabbits in sunshine and in rain. It is a beautiful sight seeing him running in the rain without a care except the chase his is involved in. Harley needs a fence because he doesn’t obey the sit command when he is running after something! After he tires of the chase, Harley will come back when called. Harley is heartworm positive, in treatment and will be neutered after the heartworm treatment is finished (late August 2012). After receiving a clean bill of health, he’ll be ready for adoption and eager to brighten your heart and your home. If you are interested in adopting Harley, please fill out an adoption application. When a foster home/coordinator receives your application, they will contact you by e-mail or phone. He was a stray at a TN shelter.