Foc, AKA Rex - 20032091

Location: Santa Rosa, California
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: September 17, 2014 - Actual
Age: 9 Year, 2 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs


Dog Story: Rex arrived in the US from Spain in late July. He was dirty and his coat was matted so badly that large masses had to be cut out. He was a diamond in the rough and we all fell in love with him. After 3 baths, an expert grooming, a good ear cleaning and nail trim, Rex’s beauty glowed. He is a very sweet boy. He LOVES his people, and wants nothing more than to lay at your feet, get a scratch or a hug, and chew on a nice bone. Rex has been in foster care for a bit longer than normal because he came to us limping and dripping urine. At 4 years old, we were concerned about these issues and wanted to rule out hip dysplasia, and incontinence issues. He has been such a trooper with the many vet appointments. One of his toes had a bone chip which caused his limp. The vet found no evidence of dysplasia. The Internal Medicine specialist put him on two medications for his urine drip and after a week, he has had no issues. Rex sits for his meals, will lay down when instructed and comes when he is called. He is a wonderful hiking partner, because he stays close and doesn’t wander off. Rex does have one little negative – when he is nervous or uncertain he is very mouthy. When unsupervised, he will chew up clothing, dog beds, pillows – anything soft and fluffy during these emotional situations. If his human is close, he will grab your hand with his mouth, crawl into your lap, try to lick your face and just be a nuisance. When he is comfortable, knows the ropes and understands what is expected of him, he calms right down and is a joy. Giving him a bone or hoof to chew on directs his need to chew in a positive direction. Rex gets along with other dogs, we don’t know about cats, but he doesn’t appear to have a high prey drive, so he could be just fine. Because of his mouthy behavior children under 8 years old are not wise. If you are interested in this beautiful, sweet boy, please reach out. I would keep him if I could. He is a great dog. if you would like Rex to join your family please fill out the online adoption applicationand mention Rex. Dog History Rex is part of the international rescue effort.