Delilah - 20034820

Location: Blakeslee, Pennsylvania
Spayed Female
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: December 8, 2021 - Actual
Age: 1 Year, 11 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


**We will not be transporting Delilah**Hey! My real name is Delilah. When I got here and met my foster mommy, she started calling me Lilah, Lilah Jane, or Li Li ’cause that’s what I hear best.My foster mommy told me some sad stories about other Brittanys like one of my foster sisters (she’s a rescue too!). She said those pups are special ’cause they can teach us patience, understanding and trust. But my foster mommy tells me that pups like me are special in a different way. You see, my first family loved me and treated me really good. They had Cocker Spaniels. They had Springer Spaniels. And then they got a Brittany, ME! My foster mommy laughed a lot when she heard this. You see? I don’t have a sad story at all!My foster mommy says I’m the most perfect little Brittany she’s ever met. That’s saying a lot ’cause she’s had them for like, ever! Since I came to stay with her at 6 months old, she says all these good things about me like, I’m a good listener and sensitive to correction (yay! no one has to yell!). I’m crate happy at night, when I eat (I just eat different food than my foster siblings), and when I’m unsupervised. I don’t bark or cry in my kennel. My foster mommy doesn’t take advantage of that ’cause that’s not nice. She says some things to me and I do them. like “Sit, Come, Stay (even if only for a little bit). I haven’t had any accidents in the house or the kennel ’cause on day one, my foster mommy told me “Go potty outside” and rules are rules.I have 4 foster siblings. Two old ones, two young ones. I love them and play so nice with them. But sometimes, when I meet a new dog, I bark ’cause I don’t know them and it might take me a Georgia minute to warm up. Until now, I’ve never been around other dogs. I’ve been missing out! Oh, my foster mommy mighta forgot to tell you. I really don’t understand the meowers. I probable wouldn’t be happy if they were around.You wanna know what I love? My favorite toys and chews are deer antlers and sturdy stuffed toys. When my foster mommy tells me no for everything else I want to eat, I listen ’cause I’m a good girl. Ooooo. I also really love water! I swim in the pool! I try to swim in the water bowl but I think that it might not be allow. Water! Mud puddles! Rain! Pools! Water bowls! That’s pure happiness right there!Sometimes, my foster mommy has something called a grandbaby come over, but I call her Emmy. She plays with me and we chase each other around. I like to give her cuddles and kisses ’cause for a 3 year old, she’s really nice to me, My foster mommy told me she’s been sad about something and that I’ve given her the best love, cuddles, and understanding. She said I made her heart not cry for a bit. What can I say, I’m just sensitive like that. My foster mommy says that I’m very calm and gentle for a Brittany puppy. I do love to run and play hard, but I do love naps, cuddle time and peaceful sleep at night. I sleep aaaaallllllll night and don’t make a sound til my foster mommy lets me out of my big sleepy time kennel.I may be a little sad, even a little scared when my foster mommy picks my perfect family. I asked if I could just stay here ’cause everything is so perfect and I’m happy. But she said she has SO much Brittany love in her life that it would be selfish to keep mine to herself instead of sharing it with someone that doesn’t have enough in theirs. I know my forever family is out there. Could you be it?