Curro renamed Chase - 20032134

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Neutered Male
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: March 11, 2016 - Actual
Age: 7 Year, 8 Month


    Dog Story: This skinny guy is a lover, not a hunter or at least according to his previous owner. Curro was dropped at a shelter for immediate euthanasia because he didn’t hunt as well as his owner wanted. Luckily, ABR decided Curro was worth more than his hunting ability and flew him over from Spain. Each day, Curro becomes more confident and energetic in his new surroundings. He has recently discovered the joys of ear scratches and even better than scratches, ear massages! His eyes roll back in his head and he goes a little limp and he will stay still as long as you keep massaging. Curro isn’t the type of dog that constantly needs your attention. He just wants to be curled up in the corner of which ever room you are in. Curro would do best in a house with another dog. He gets nervous when he is left completely alone. Ideally, his new home would have a yard with a tall fence as Curro seems very content to spend lots of time outdoors. Curro is quite skinny and still needs to put on several pounds, but he doesn’t mind as this is just an excuse for extra treats. He is doing really well with house training. He walks well on a leash and would be a good running partner. Curro is still grasping the idea of spoken commands but comes running at the sound of a whistle. He gets along great with other dogs. Cats and children are an unknown, but I suspect he would be great as there isn’t a mean bone in this boy. If you think you might be able to give Curro his second chance, please fill out an adoption application with his name and id# and I will be glad to tell you more about this sweet boy. Curro is one of our rescues from Spain. Abandoned and rescued, he was fortunate to get to safety and the loving arms of a foster home in the U.S.