Cooper LJ - 20030416

Location: Fresno, California
Neutered Male
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: March 4, 2008 - Actual
Age: 15 Year, 9 Month

  • House Broken


Dog Story: Cooper is a beautiful, active, typical two year-oldBrittany. He is currently up to date on vaccinations andmicrochipped as well asheartworm negative and on Heartgard monthly preventive. Cooper is a happy-go-lucky big boy who would LOVE to have someone of his very own to play with. I think he would especially like to be trained to catch and, because of his size (75 pounds), would be good at skate/ski-joring type activities. He tries hard to please and would benefit from a refresher obedience class. Cooperis absolutely delighted to receive any and all attention he can get. He likes to be with his people 24/7 and although he seems to prefer being inside (where the people are) as with all Brits, I think he needs a good fence. He is not a big jumper or digger and barks mostly to say ‘I want to play’. Cooper would do well with young teens and adultsbut because of his enthusiasm and size I think he would be a little too much for small children. If you are interested in adopting him, please complete the online adoption application and mention Cooper-2807. Cooper is an owner surrender whose family could no longer meet his needs. His litter is AKC registered (we have a copy of the pedigree) but his individual papers were never submitted.