Chase - 20030755

Location: , Georgia
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: December 31, 2011 - Actual
Age: 11 Year, 11 Month


    Dog Story: Meet our first born pup Chase. This boy came into the world at 12 ozs. Heis now over 5 lbs. He looks and acts the most like his mother, even has thesame spot on the middle of his forehead and also the only one with a touchof orange on his ear. He loves to play and run after the feather stick andgrab it in his mouth, Chase was also the 1st to escape out of the puppy box. Chase was born to a Brittany that came into rescue from Ga. Once the Mom came into rescue it was discovered that she was pregnant and at the end of December she had a litter of pups. Unfortunately it is unknown what the father is but these sweet puppies are now looking for a home of there own. First two photos were taken at 6 weeks of age. Chase was 4 weeks old in other two photos. To be considered you MUST fill out our online adoption application . Go to this link to see Chase playing with his littermates Watch the puppies playing with a basketball